AA Gold Zero Waste Fashion

Fashion with style without waste

Treasure resources like gold

AA Gold Zero Waste Fashion

Fashion with style without waste

We treat resources like a treasure

AA Gold Zero Waste Fashion

Ethics & Aesthetics

Jacket EDEN unisex

AA Gold Zero Waste Fashion

Easy to wear awareness

Jacket EDEN

AA Gold zero waste fashion

Dress your future self

Opera Jacket and Sweater GILLY

aa gold zero waste fashion

Comfy feeling of great material without waste

Sweater GILLY

Zero waste fashion by

AA Gold

AA Gold Design combines laid back, cool style with sustainable design methods to create fashion with a responsible attitude for women and men. Special attention to proportions, innovative cuts and carefully selected materials characterize our aesthetic signature.

is gold!

Zero Waste Principles

Why we do what we do

The journey into the zero waste universe began in 2016 with an artist project. In this project, clothing was to be made from fabrics that had been produced for an exhibition.

The fabric was very special, artistically manufactured, limited and in the truest sense a treasure that deserved special attention. The question was: how can you design clothes without losing fabric?

Traditionally, in the manufacture of clothing, an average of 20% of the material used is cut away and ends up as waste. The Zero Waste approach is about significantly reducing this proportion through innovative pattern development.

The AA Gold Collection was born from this idea. With this approach, we want to combine aesthetics, sustainability and uniqueness and create fashion that is fun and feels good with a clear conscience.

Fashion for our future self, with double AA for mindfulness and attitude.

From the people
From the people
Unexpected pieces, unique style "unisex cuts and a story to tell: I'm caught!"
— Julia
From the people
The idea of sustainability runs through the entire production chain.
— Vogue magazine

Our Studio

Schwere-Reiter-Str. 2 B
80637 Munich


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