SOLID is the AA Gold Collection Update 2|2020. Inspired by traditional Japanese clothing, we explore the aesthetics of loose shapes, the natural movement of fabrics around the body and unisex clothing codes. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our world has become small and large at the same time, fast and slow, dense and light - all at the same time. Black, white and different shades of green describe both the great contrasts and the subtle tonality of our emotional atmosphere. Our world isn't the same anymore, but neither is there a new normal. time to rethink.
Each piece of clothing is manufactured in a way that conserves resources and materials, so that there are no leftovers during production. We follow Zero Waste principles in our design process. The materials used are either sustainably produced or sourced from existing stocks.
We only work with manufacturers who offer fair working conditions for their employees. Certain models in the collection are only made to order.
We see SOLID as an extension of our first collection Maxi Over. Rather than replacing ideas and designs each season, we aim to develop the AA Gold wardrobe like a kaleidoscope. The appearance changes, moves, develops - like breathing and life.
AA Gold has teamed up with textile designer Stephanie Kahnau to develop the SOLID print. When considering how we could illustrate our emotions about life in captivity, Stephanie looked to pleated fabric for inspiration. By manipulating the surface, the smooth material becomes dense and multi-layered. Taking it a step further, she twisted and altered a digital image of a pleated fabric, combining multiple motifs to reveal a glimpse into an unknown universe. Together we used the final print motif in different ways to show the creative power of reinterpretation and reinterpretation.