Was macht Mode nachhaltiger? - AA Gold Fashion

What makes fashion more sustainable?

Whether fashion can be sustainable at all is up for debate, because fashion is per se "extra". Clothing becomes fashion when the wearer or viewer is given the feeling, beyond...
March 02, 2023 — Arnold Gevers
Was ist eigentlich Zero Waste Mode - AA Gold Fashion

What actually is Zero Waste Fashion

Zero waste fashion is a sustainable approach to the design and manufacture of clothing that generates as little waste as possible. The goal of zero-waste fashion is to eliminate textile...
March 02, 2023 — Arnold Gevers

Why zero waste fashion design is important to us

Did you know that in traditional garment making, an average of 20% of the fabric is wasted on the cutting table? That doesn't seem so tragic at first when you...
October 16, 2022 — Arnold Gevers