100% PROVED - 0% WASTE

the project zero

In 2016 Arnold and the artist Michael Hofstetter collaborated on a textile project which was the initiation for AA Gold. Hofstetter who had participated the exhibition Kunst|Stoff at the Staatliches Textil und Industrie Museum in Augsburg (TIM) in 2015 wanted to use the fabric that was part of his installation to create garments. His idea was to make wearable clothes from it so that the art piece would come to live again by people wearing parts of the installation. He had created the pattern for a precious jacquard fabric which was developed in the workshop of the museum and was produced in a total of 80 meters.

Arnold had the idea that the parameters for developing a project should be set by the limitations of the amount of material as well as the value that comes with this limitation. It was the challenge to meet those parameters by creating a conscious way of handling the material in both the development of the designs and also the communication of it. He didn’t want to “just make pretty clothes” but to make clothes that are created with respect for the material and labour that went into it. In this mindset he came across the ideas of zero waste fashion design. It was the perfect way to meet the parameters of the project and drives his creative thinking ever since.